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My fake-away: sticky ginger chicken and egg-fried rice

We all love a take-away but we also know that they aren’t the best choice for us: expensive, laden with fat and salt and with lots of packaging. This fake-away is easy to cook, gives you all of those much loved flavours but is better for you!
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Curried pumpkin soup

Food waste is one of my bugbears and pumpkins are one of those foods that we are’t very good at utilising in the UK! Did you know that an estimated 10million pumpkins are grown in the UK every year – 95% are carved for Halloween and only 5% are actually eaten?
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Evie’s pizza breads

This is a great dinner that the kids can make themselves. You can add anything you want for the toppings: ham, salami, chicken, spinach, pesto, peppers, sweetcorn, basil, chillies, olives, pineapple… the options are endless! Children love personalising their own pizzas; I just lay out the ingredients and let them get creative – my only rule is that it has to contain at least one vegetable!
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Spiced paneer and vegetable rice

Another meat-free favourite in our house.
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Cauliflower pilau with smoked tofu

A delicious low carb meal that is bursting with flavour and gets you well on the way to your five-a-day.
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Pesto pasta salad

I love a pasta salad – perfect for packed lunches, picnics or a side dish.
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Salmon parcels with potato wedges and a rice salad

A super simple summer BBQ recipe (which can also be cooked in the oven – 15 minutes!) Lemon salmon parcels – pretty much zero preparation and only ten minutes of cooking time…good food shouldn’t be complicated.
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Salmon and samphire salad

I like to serve this salad on a large platter so that everyone can help themselves and make sure they get lots of the bits that they like best!
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Spanish omelette with a duo of salads

An easy dinner that is tasty and healthy! We like it served with homemade coleslaw and a simple tomato and basil salad. Delicious hot or cold this is a perfect packed lunch (or picnic) food.
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Feta and tomato gnocchi bake

I tried the viral baked feta recipe that was all over tik tok – it really is rather good; especially when served with gnocchi.
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Chocolate bark with fruit and pretzels

This is a decadent treat that you don’t need much of – just a small amount satisfies that need for something sweet!
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Puff pastry pizza

This is quick and easy dinner that you can be easily adapted to meet your family’s individual tastes!
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