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A simple bolognaise made into beef tacos

Another use for a simple bolognaise – delicious and real finger food that the whole family will love.
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Pan fried sea bass with a side of vegetable chow mein

Sea bass is my favourite fish: light, delicate and easy to cook. It pairs really well with asian flavours so this veggie chow mein makes the perfect companion.
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Simply delicious vegetable chow mein

This recipe was a request from one of my subscribers teens. It’s simple, packed with veggies and tastes delicious – perfect for youngsters to serve to their friends.
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Two bean chilli jacket potato

I seem to have quite a few chilli recipes – it’s such a versatile dish as you can have it served on top of a jacket potato or with rice, on nachos or simply on its own.
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Slow cooker chicken tacos

The filling is cooked in the slow cooker and the rest can be done at the table – simple!
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Salmon Ramen

This is a great way to serve salmon and is definitely a favourite in our house! It’s a healthy dish that is simple to make and tastes delicious.

My little oat-tea cake

A cake that uses oat milk and plant based ‘butter’ and doesn’t contain eggs! It’s really easy to make and makes for a delicious mid afternoon snack; perfect with a cup of tea!
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Salmon caesar with crispy salad and crunchy croutons

A perfectly cooked salmon steak on a bed of crispy salad and crunchy croutons – simple, tasty food.
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Gnocchi traybake with creamy brie

Another quick and easy traybake using gnocchi – once you start roasting it, you’ll find it is a real game changer!!!
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Chicken schnitzel with paprika wedges and broccoli

This is a real family favourite in our house and is a great alternative to chicken nuggets (or that well known chicken take-away!)
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Comforting Cottage Pie with Green Beans

This is a classic and is one of those dishes that gives you a hug!! I have made a change to the traditional recipe and added some kale.
Beef, Recipes

Quick Beef Stroganoff

I love a classic stroganoff and this quick and easy version doesn’t disappoint!
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