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Chicken and bacon pies with mini roast potatoes and broccoli

Comforting little pies which are bursting with flavour – a delicious meal that the whole family is bound to love.
Recipes, Vegetarian

My lunchtime couscous

This couscous dish is quick and easy to prepare; it is colourful, vibrant and nutritious, just what you need to get you ready for what the rest of the day has in store!
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Fish Gratin with peas

A take on a classic fish pie. This is a simpler version as there is no mashing – slicing is much easier (especially if you have a mandolin!)
Fish, Recipes

Salmon with a giant couscous salad

A great dish that can be eaten topped with hot salmon, or be served as a cold salad (it travels well so makes a great packed lunch option).
Fish, Recipes

Curried noodles with salmon and broccoli

Salmon with a crispy skin, sitting on a bed of curried noodles – what a combination!
Pork & Lamb, Recipes

Matt’s marvellous sausage rolls

My husband’s work colleague is known for his marvellous sausage rolls! During lockdown, he did a zoom cook-a-long with the office and taught them all how to make them – they really are rather good!
Recipes, Vegetarian

Breakfast Smoothies

A great way of using up over-ripe fruit!
Curry, Fish, Recipes

Prawn and lentil curry with rice

I cook a lot with lentils as they are an excellent source of fibre, protein and a host of vitamin.
Beef, Recipes

Slow cooked beef

A fabulously tasty, low maintenance Sunday lunch – it’s what Sundays were made for!
Fish, Pasta, Recipes

Creamy salmon pasta

“This tastes like heaven!” Sam, aged 10
Pork & Lamb, Recipes

Sausage with beans

This is a great dish if you are looking for something different and healthy to do with a pack of sausages; I like to use good quality pork ones from our local butchers, but you can use any type you like…including (especially for all my vegetarian friends) a veggie variety!
Recipes, Vegetarian

Tortilla with salad

Delicious served hot or cold – as a main or a tasty snack. A tortilla is an ideal addition to a picnic…tastier than sandwiches and a welcome change!
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