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Sardine and spinach fishcakes with a side salad

This recipe is the perfect quick, easy and cheap store cupboard dinner as it is made with tinned sardines (which are packed with omega 3 and vitamin D).
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Slow cooker veggie chilli with wholegrain rice

A great recipe for when you are short of time: serve topped with grated cheese with a side of wholegrain rice, use it as a jacket potato filling or make it into chilli-cheese nachos!
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Peasants’ pasta

This is my take on the classic Italian dish ‘pasta e fagioli’ (or pasta with beans); it is an Italian dish originally for the poor as it is made with inexpensive ingredients. Bursting with flavour and goodness, this dish can be either served as a soup or as a pasta dish… just add more or less pasta depending on which you prefer!
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Egg fried rice with kimchi

This is a great way to use up leftover rice – I often cook extra just so I can have a dinner or lunch of this!
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Roasted salmon with a mustard sauce

My kids love this recipe as the potatoes resemble crisps which feels rather decadent for a weekday dinner!
Pasta, Recipes, Vegetarian

Broccoli pasta

I am always looking for new ways of getting colour into my dishes and I always have some broccoli and carrots in the fridge: that is how this recipe was born! A light, fresh and colourful pasta dish that will hopefully appeal to little mouths as well a big!
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Lamb Kebab

A quick and easy dinner for the whole family; perfect served with warm pitta bread, garlic mayo and a side or sweet chilli courgette and carrot.
Pork & Lamb, Recipes

Puff pastry pizza

This is quick and easy dinner that you can be easily adapted to meet your family’s individual tastes!
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Smoked salmon bagel

This is my children’s favourite breakfast and is often what they choose on their birthdays! I must admit though, I love it for lunch!
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Beer can chicken, new potatoes and coleslaw

A wonderful way to cook chicken! It may look a little funny (and undignified!) but it leads to the juiciest, tastiest meat.
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Haddock pasta bake

The perfect way to get more fish in your diet.
Chicken, Recipes

Chicken satay with rice and beans

Satay is my favourite Asian sauce – what woud be better than a rich, sweet and salty peanut sauce on grilled chicken? Delicious served with rice and beans (as per this recipe) or for a lighter alternative with a fresh salad (as per the photograph!)
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