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Slow cooked tomato, courgette and spinach pasta

I love a quick and easy recipe and that is what slow-cookers are made for! This recipe makes enough sauce for two meals so you will have a healthy pasta sauce in the freezer for another day!
Pasta, Recipes, Vegetarian

Lemony asparagus and pea pasta

Fresh flavours and great textures combine to make this delicious pasta dish.
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Tuna cheese melts

A little inspiration for lunchtime! Tuna cheese melts – much tastier (and healthier) than anything you’ll buy on the High Street!
Recipes, Vegetarian

Gnocchi traybake

The fact that you could roast gnocchi was a real game changer for me – what a great alternative to potatoes in a traybake!
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One pot chicken with crusty bread

People are always asking for one pot recipes; recipes that are easy to prepare and can be served up at different times on those after school evenings where everyone eats at different times! I am hoping that this tasty recipe fits the criteria. We like it served with bread, but it works just as well with potatoes or rice.
Pasta, Recipes, Vegetarian

Creamy Mushroom Pasta

I love mushrooms, not only are they a good source of B vitamins but they also contain a powerful antioxidant that helps to support the immune system and prevent damage to cells and tissues.
Pasta, Recipes, Vegetarian

Kale and orzo stew

This is such a comforting dish – perfect for getting those extra greens into your diet!
Pasta, Recipes, Vegetarian

Pasta in a puttanesca sauce

Probably my favourite vegetarian, pasta sauce. This version is vegan but, if you want to add a bit of extra flavour, you can add four finely chopped anchovies when you add the garlic
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Lamb Kebab

A quick and easy dinner for the whole family; perfect served with warm pitta bread, garlic mayo and a side or sweet chilli courgette and carrot.

Coconut chicken bake

This chicken bake is bursting with flavour and is a real favourite in our house.
Fish, Pasta, Recipes

Pesto prawn pasta

This recipe was created because I wanted to make a pasta dish that combined fish and vegetables. It is a fresh dish which is bursting with flavour and is perfect for a midweek meal.
Recipes, Vegetarian

Gnocchi with mushrooms

A meat-free meal that is bursting with flavour! Perfect for lunch or dinner (I just halve the gnocchi when serving for lunch – I keep the other ingredients the same as it’s good to fill up on those lovely mushrooms and spinach!)
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