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Pork & Lamb, Recipes

Pork traybake with beans and potatoes

An easy and tasty alternative to a roast dinner. What’s not to like: delicious flavours and minimal washing up!
Pork & Lamb, Recipes

Sausage traybake

We don’t have sausages very often but when we do, I want to make a proper meal of them. This traybake is perfect as it is bursting with flavour and goodness and best of all takes minimal prep and washing-up!
Fish, Recipes

Prawn and mango salad with lentils

A salad should always more than a couple of leaves! They need to be bursting with flavour and colour and full of goodness – this one ticks all of the boxes!
Pasta, Pork & Lamb, Recipes

White bean and chorizo pasta

A fabulous combination of ingredients. I love this pasta sauce: simple to make using simple ingredients.
Beef, Pasta, Recipes

Beef and orzo one pot

Orzo recipes are always popular and this one is proving to be a big hit! As well as being utterly delicious, it is all made in one pot meaning there isn’t much washing up!
egg, Recipes, Vegetarian

Breakfast Muffins

These tasty treats combine the qualities of a healthy breakfast with the deliciousness of a muffin.
egg, Pork & Lamb, Recipes

One pan breakfast

A breakfast where everything is cooked in the oven in one pan – tasty and hardly any washing up…what’s not to like!
Curry, Recipes, Vegetarian

Chana masala

I love a curry dish – especially one that is quick and easy to make, delicious and healthy!
Pork & Lamb, Recipes

Sausage with beans

This is a great dish if you are looking for something different and healthy to do with a pack of sausages; I like to use good quality pork ones from our local butchers, but you can use any type you like…including (especially for all my vegetarian friends) a veggie variety!
Recipes, Turkey

Turkey halloumi burgers with a carrot and cucumber salad

I love turkey burgers – I find them lighter than traditional beef ones and my children definitely prefer them as well. These ones are a slight variation on my usual recipe: I’ve added halloumi.
Pasta, Vegetarian

Burnt aubergine pasta with tahini and mozzarella

A deliciously smoky pasta dish that is the perfect way to showcase the amazing aubergine!
Chicken, Recipes

Slow cooker chicken tacos

The filling is cooked in the slow cooker and the rest can be done at the table – simple!
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