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Simplified Meal Planning

Delicious and Real, takes the decisions out of dinner times.     

By creating a weekly meal-plan you will be reducing the amount of time you spend in the kitchen and supermarket as well as the amount of money you spend on your shopping. 

Through Delicious and Real, my subscribers are discovering that cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.  My recipe library is bursting with simple ideas for delicious meals: there are over 200 of them! 

Quick family meals, comfort food, healthy recipes, vegetarian recipes …  there is something for everyone.  

All of the recipes in my meal planner use simple, everyday ingredients and have all been cooked and eaten in my kitchen by my family and friends.  I haven’t spent hours staging the photos; they are real pictures of our actual meals quickly snapped before they are enjoyed!

I believe that the best food comes from taking simple ingredients and cooking them in a simple way. 

 My biggest critics are my husband (CTO – Chief Tasting Officer) and two children (JTOs – Junior Tasting Officers).  Each and every recipe has passed their stringent taste-tests…they take their roles very seriously!

 With regard to recipes, I like ones which are simple to cook; those that can be prepared in advance and those which I can share with friends and family. 

For me, food is the glue that binds our family and friends together. 

 Delicious and Real is not a diet – it’s a lifestyle change.  By planning meals, we become more aware of what we are eating and have time to think about how to make healthier choices.

By subscribing to Delicious and Real you are signing up to a positive change! 

A sneak peak!

Customers reviews

What people say?

“Hi Claire! 

Just looking up from my wok (beef stir fry with noodles, substituted with smoked tofu – your top veggie tip!)

I just wanted  to say thank you SO MUCH for your brilliant, inspiring recipes.  We’re week 3 in and loving everything: the shopping list, the simplicity, the fact my kids eat it and LIKE it.

Honestly, it’s making such a positive difference to home life.  Bravo!! “


“Dinner tonight was courtesy of Delicious and Real. 

The lovely Claire posted a recipe for lentil pasta bake the other day and I had to give it a try. 

A month into a meat free diet and I was ready for something new. It was amazing, one of the best pasta bakes I’ve ever eaten. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for healthy meals for the family Delicious and Real is definitely worth a look.”



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