About My Recipes

Through Delicious and Real, I am aiming to show people that cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming and that it has a whole host of health benefits.

All of the recipes in my meal planner have all been cooked and eaten in my kitchen by my family and friends.  I haven’t spent hours staging the photos; they are real pictures of our actual meals quickly snapped before they are enjoyed!

 My biggest critics are my husband (CTO – Chief Tasting Officer) and two children (JTOs – Junior Tasting Officers)! Each and every recipe has passed their stringent taste-tests…they take their roles very seriously!

 With regard to recipes, I like ones which are simple to cook; those that can be prepared in advance and those which I can share with friends and family. For me, food is the glue that binds our family and friends together. 

 Delicious and Real is not a diet – it’s a lifestyle change.  By planning meals, we become more aware of what we are eating and have time to think about how to make healthier choices.    

 I don’t like diets and calorie counting as, in the majority of cases, they are only a short-term solution.  Our diets need to be balanced and not exclude entire food groups due to the current ‘fads’. I believe that planning meals and cooking from scratch makes us more conscious about what we should be eating and helps us to make better choices and thus improves our general health and well-being.

I use real butter and full fat versions of everything … they are generally healthier and will keep you fuller for longer.  I also use oil when cooking – unless I have a very good non-stick pan!

 All  of my recipes use wholegrain rice and pasta: they are slow release carbohydrates which help keep blood-sugars stable. I also keep the skins on potatoes whenever I can because it not only saves time but increases fibre intake.

By subscribing to my meal planner, you are signing up to a positive change! 

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What people say?

“Hi Claire! I just wanted to say how much I love your Facebook page. This week alone it has provided much-needed inspiration to me twice, and it’s only Wednesday. I am a good home cook but it’s such a struggle preparing something that all four children (and my husband!) will enjoy every day, with their varying likes and dislikes. I am also trying to massively cut back on meat (for environmental reasons) which hasn’t gone down well. Still, halloumi burgers tonight, so onwards and upwards! Thanks for being such an inspiration.”


“Dinner tonight was courtesy of Delicious and Real. The lovely Claire posted a recipe for lentil pasta bake the other day and I had to give it a try. A month into a meat free diet and I was ready for something new. It was amazing, one of the best pasta bakes I’ve ever eaten. If you’re looking for inspiration for healthy meals for the family Delicious and Real is definitely worth a look.”