Taking a D of E online cookery course is an excellent choice for the skills requirement of your bronze, silver or gold Duke of Edinburgh award.

The 3 or 6 month cookery course contains 30 simple recipes and the associated cooking tutorial videos; that’s enough for you to choose one a week for your chosen duration. There is a mixture of sweet and savoury and there should be enough variety to suit most tastes! 

The 12 month course, contains the same 30 simple videos (in part 1); and then has 12 recipes that build on the recipes that have been cooked in part 1 – this section teaches the children how to take a recipe and adapt it creating a new dish.  Part 3 is all about independence: it contains 12 new recipes that build on the skills that they have already learnt.  

When you have completed the required number of weekly sessions, I will sign off your skills section – you just need to email me the photos of all of your dishes (I will send you details of how to do this when you register).  

Through my D of E kitchen, you will gain valuable life skills, work on your organisational skills and have the opportunity to express yourself creatively.    

The original 30 recipes


·      Basic tomato sauce (v, gf)

·      Chicken chorizo one pot (gf)

·      Veggie pasta bake (v)

·      Orzo prawns

·      Homemade flatbreads (v)

·      Tortellini in a mushroom sauce (v)

·      Homemade baked beans (v, gf)

·      Turkey burgers

·      Bolognaise (gf)

·      Potato wedges (v, gf)

·      Macaroni cheese (v)

·      Chicken tikka masala (gf)

·      Ham and cheese croissants with scrambled eggs

·      Sausage rolls

·      Hummus (v, gf)

·      Chilli cheese nachos (v)

·      Honeyed halloumi wraps (v)

·      Pork schnitzel and homemade coleslaw

·      Tomato soup (v, gf)

·      How to poach an egg (v, gf)

·      Salmon and orzo traybake

·      Greek lamb traybake

·      Veggie nasi goreng (v, gf)


·      Flapjacks (gf)

·      Victoria sponge

·      American pancakes

·      Rhubarb crumble

·      Rock cakes

·      Baked apples (gf)

·      Chocolate chip cookies

A selection of the recipes that you could be cooking! 

How it works

It’s simple! 

Step One – Sign up and pay for the course below (make sure you choose the correct one!)

Step Two – I will email you a PDF containing all of the recipes and the video links along with the form that you will need to submit your evidence at the end (this may take up to 24 hours)

Step Three – Decide on which recipe you are cooking each week;  write a shopping list and go out and buy the ingredients. 

Step Four – Cook up a storm in the kitchen – don’t forget that you are also responsible for tidying up! 

Step Five – Take a photo of what you have cooked and add it to the document I sent when you signed up

Step Six – When you have completed the required number of weeks, email me your evidence and I’ll sign off the section. 

Ready to sign up?



My son has just completed The Duke of Edinburgh cookery course available through Delicious and Real. He really enjoyed the course; as did the family - we all benefited! He was able to work independently with the help of the You Tube video's, the meals he cooked were delicious, we had a night off cooking each week and we got to taste some new recipes. He really enjoyed cooking, learning new things, it improved his confidence in his cooking skills and he was proud of the results. I would recommend!
Joanna W
The cooking skills course Claire offers is brilliant for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Your child can go at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home. The recipes are documented well with colour photographs and are really easy to follow, even with no cooking experience. The course, while fulfilling a D of E experience, has also taught my daughter some great life skills.
Tina G-E
Great DoE bronze course ;0) Thoroughly enjoyed being cooked for and my daughter learnt some great recipes of which we have repeated. Thanks Claire.
Susan B

I can't wait to teach you to cook!

Claire x