My family and I are officially Reducetarians!

This is a new term for me, but it simply means that we are trying to reduce our meat consumption.  And while I am not ready to ditch animal products completely, I am definitely onboard with reducing how much we eat.    

It started off as meat-free Mondays and now I’ve managed to slip in another meat-free dinner most weeks. 

And my reasons behind this change? 

For me there are three:  health, the environment and money.

1- The world’s longest living communities are primarily plant-based. This type of diet, with the addition of lots of healthy fats, is good for your heart health and can help manage diabetes. 

As well as keeping you healthy, wholefoods and legumes require less energy for digestion meaning more energy for you: no more post-dinner naps required if you are consuming a meat-free meal!

Also, you could lose weight if you reduce the amount of meat you eat: there should be significantly less calories and minimal saturated fat in a plant-based diet. 

2- Eating less meat will help us to save the planet: the Amazon rainforest is gradually being cut down and destroyed in order to feed cattle and make space for them to graze.  As well as this, animal agriculture is responsible for a significant amount of greenhouse gases. 

3- If you refrain from buying processed foods, plant-based is definitely cheaper than animal-based. 

My recipe library is bursting with meat-free options (135 to be precise) – so there is no excuse for not knowing what to cook.  And if you think that vegetarian and vegan food choices are boring, think again.  Take a scroll through my recipe library and see for yourself!

A Delicious and Real subscription makes you much more mindful of what you are eating making it simpler to implement more meat-free meals into your diet.   

£5 a month (99p for the first) is a small price to pay for healthier, more sustainable (and richer!) you!!

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