Reducing overwhelm in your kitchen


The best way to get organised in your kitchen is to write  meal-plan: it really makes a massive difference to your daily life. But the benefits of meal-planning go way beyond being more organised:

  • It helps you make more mindful, healthier food choices
  • It saves you money as you only buy what you need to
  • It reduces your food waste as you know exactly what to cook with the food that you have in
  • It reduces the amount of packaging in your shopping trolley: ingredients tend to be less heavily packaged than processed foods
  • It takes away that daily stress of what to cook for dinner
  • It eliminates that feeling of overwhelm that many of us feel when we get home and have no idea what to eat
  • It gives you a sense of pride and achievement

Meal-planning really does lead to a healthier, happier you!

These are a few of my favourite things…

Another way I eliminate that feeling of overwhelm and dread in my kitchen, is by limiting the clutter and organising my space in a way that works for me and my family.

Start with a good declutter and then take a look at what is left and think about how you can make your space work for you; a few little additions really can make a massive difference!

Here are a few of my favourite things that I use to organise my kitchen cupboards, my fridge and my freezer:

1) Spice tins – I have 4 which I stack in my pantry.  They take up less space than all of those little jars; it’s easier to find the one that you are looking for; and they are cheaper to refill as you can buy the large bags of spices.  I  theme mine (I have an Indian one, a herbs one etc) and yes, I do label the little pots!

2) A Lazy Susan – I am late to the Lazy Susan party but I absolutely love them!  Not only are they satisfying to spin, they also make seeing all of the different items on those deep or high shelves.  I have one in my pantry and one on the the top shelf of my fridge.

3) Silicone freezer bags – these are great as they take up less space in your freezer.  You can even get a little bag stand to make them easier to fill!  Be warned though, they can’t all go in the microwave (I learn this the hard way!!!)

4) I have saved my favourite to last – soup cubes!  Giant ice cube trays that are designed for freezing soup in portions (they are also perfect for stocks and pasta sauces).  You can pop out all 4 cubes when frozen and pop them in a freezer bag or just pop them out as and when you need them.  

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