Eating a more varied diet is the key to good health

How many different plant foods do you eat in a week? 

I was reading an article in the Times recently – it was about the 10 healthy habits that we should build now. 

Number 4 was all about variety (something that is easier to attain when meal planning) and how we should be aiming for a whopping 30 different plant based foods per week!  Research has shown that those lacking in variety, were likely to have insufficient fibre and an inadequate amounts of 2 or more vitamins and minerals. 

People eating 30 different plant foods (including whole grains, pulses, fruit and vegetables) had a more diverse gut microbiome which indicates better all-round health than those who ate 10 or less. 

I know that meal-planning is the key to eating a more varied diet: it makes us much more mindful of our food choices but home many different plant based foods are there in one of my weekly meal plans?

I’ve counted up 18 in my current plan which is already a great number and then I have to add on my breakfasts and lunches … and those pieces of fruit that I eat at break-time when I’m teaching!!

If you meal-plan with Delicious and Real, you will easily hit 30 each week! 

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