Planning for the summer holidays

If you are going away for the summer, you need to start planning: as well as all that packing, you also need to make sure you have taken care of all of your food related needs!

1- If you are self catering, write a plan for your breakfasts along with some simple lunch and dinner ideas.  By doing this, when you go to the supermarket (sad but true: this is one of my holiday highlights…I love a foreign supermarket!!!), you know what to buy for some fuss-free family meals.

I use the recipe library, which is part of my subscription service, as this has lots of options for lazy summer breakfasts, brunches and dinners!  

And, if I’m holidaying in the UK, I precook a couple of meals and freeze them – they defrost en route and are ready to eat in the first couple of days of our break. I tend to take a chilli or a bolognaise, or some filled pasta shells or a curry.

I also write a basic plan and book an online shop to be delivered on our day of arrival: this doesn’t mean that we don’t eat out or sample those local delicacies – there are plenty of opportunities for that!

2- Cancel all of your food delivery services: milk, vegetables, bread, eggs etc.  

3- Take a look in your freezer (and fridge nearer the time) and make sure you use up anything that needs to be eaten before you leave.  If you can’t use up everything in your fridge, can it be frozen?  Lots of foods can.

4- Cook a couple of meals which can be frozen and eaten when you arrive home: my favourites are baked pasta shells, lasagne and fishcakes. They all freeze really well and are easy to cook once they have defrosted.

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