10 essential kitchen items

People often ask me about the kitchen equipment that I can’t live without – now, I’m not really a gadget person (I can’t stand clutter!) but I do love things that I can use for multiple purposes and those that save me time and energy!

Being a busy, working mum, I need items that will simplify family life.

Here are my top 10:

1- A small blender (I have a nutribullet).  I use mine for hummus and other dips; dressings; smoothies and breadcrumbs.

2- A handheld stick blender and whisk.  I bought mine when my now 15 year old was being weaned and it is still going strong!  The blender is perfect for blitzing soups and sauces and the whisk is my go to tool for fluffy pancakes and perfect Yorkshire puddings!

3- A handheld mandolin.  I have the Oxo Good Grips one and I use it lots!  It slices onions, peppers, carrots, potatoes … and is perfect for when you are in a rush and want to soften some onions in a hurry – the smaller they are cut, the quicker they cook!   

4- A good quality, sturdy garlic press. One where you don’t need to peel the garlic before crushing!

5- A potato ricer.  My one is from Ikea and has been going stong for years; it makes the smoothest mashed potato ever!  You can peel the potatoes before boiling or you can press them through in their skin and then remove it once the flesh has passed through.

6 – A cast iron pot (or Dutch oven).  I have 2 and I use them all the time; I’ve had them for years and they aren’t the expensive ones: mine are from the supermarket! I use them for roasting meat; for any dish that starts on the hob and ends in the oven; for bolganises and chillies; for soups … they really are one of the most loved item in my kitchen!

7- A box grater.  If you, like me, love cheese this one will come in really handy!!  It’s also great (no pun intended) for grating carrots, courgette, cucumber, chocolate and you can even use it to make breadcrumbs.

8- Electronic scales.  They are relatively cheap and I couldn’t be without mine.  I love that I can zero them meaning that I don’t have to weigh out items separately and use lots of different bowls (anything that saves on washing up is good for me!!)  

9- Kitchen scissors.  Use them to cut raw meat; pizza; spring onions; herbs to spatchcock a chicken … so many uses!!

10- Plastic measuring jug.  I’ve had mine for years and I use it all the time.  If I am making a batter, I make it in the jug as it makes for easier pouring (and less washing up!)

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