Reducing your weekly food costs

According to official figures, UK inflation shot up unexpectedly last month as vegetable shortages pushed food prices to their highest rate in more than 45 years.

Food inflation is at an all time high, with a supermarket boss warning that grocery prices will remain elevated this year.

Families are looking for ways to reduce their weekly costs and stick to those every tightening budgets. Food is an essential, but many of us are finding that feeding the family and creating tasty family meals is become more and more difficult.

Grocery prices are one of the main drivers fuelling overall inflation and were up 16.7% on the year to January.

Some produce has increased in price by more than 40%: among them are olive oil, sugar and low-fat milk.

But, even with these soaring prices, you can still save money on your weekly shop, you need to plan what you will be eating.

Plan– check what you already have – write a shopping list – only buy what you need!

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