Potatoes are incredibly versatile and tasty…

Potatoes are incredibly versatile and tasty, but they have managed to stir up some controversy in recent years with many people choosing to eliminate them from their diets.

But, potatoes don’t have to be the enemy:  they are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, resistant starch* and fibre.

It’s our portion size and chosen cooking methods that determine whether the potato is a healthy or unhealthy food choice!  I never fry them, I use oil or butter sparingly and I leave the skins on whenever possible. 

Personally, I couldn’t live without the humble potato!  Sweet, white or new; baked in their jackets, cut into wedges and oven cooked or mashed … they are definitely here to stay in my diet!

* Resistant starch can help to control blood sugar, improve digestive help and aid the absorption of nutrients

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