Holiday meal-planning

When we go on holiday, we usually stay in a house or villa meaning that we are responsible for our own meals!  I love planning what we are going to eat and I thoroughly enjoy visiting the different shops and markets.

There is something rather special about trying what delights the local area has to offer.

Certain foods taste so much better when on holiday: tomatoes are sweeter and fish fresher. 

Meal times are the highlight of my day on holiday: we will eat together, chat, laugh and play card-games … little pleasures that the stresses and strains of everyday life often take away from us!

So how do I plan when I am on holiday?

I start by writing a list of simple meals and then I create my shopping list- when travelling abroad this is done on the flight; when holidaying in the UK I tend to have an online shop delivered on our day of arrival.

My meal choices are ones that can be cooked with minimal effort (there are lots of these in my recipe section) using some of the local ingredients on offer – when in France this consists of lots of seafood and tomatoes; when on the coast in the UK there has to mackerel and some fresh bread from the local mill on the menu! 

Breakfast is always a highlight for me: a selection of cheeses, hams, tomatoes, avocados and fresh bread – good food is most often simple food and it really does taste better when shared with those we love.

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