How to beat the rising cost of living

The cost of food and drink has pushed the UK inflation rate to 10.1% and, according to Lord Stuart Rose, it will continue to rise.

One of the places we are all feeling the increased costs is in our weekly shop. Rising food and drink prices made the biggest contribution to the change in the inflation rate between June and July with the biggest impacts from bread, cereals, milk, cheese and eggs.

If you are a Lurpack lover, you will definitely be aware of this: some supermarkets were selling it for £9 a tub during July.

One of the best ways to save money on your weekly food shop is to plan your meals – if you plan, you will only buy what you need. And if you plan with Delicious and Real, you not only get access to 350 deliciously simple recipes, but you also get my online meal planner and personalised shopping list.

Meal planning also means that you will be more mindful of your meal choices and eat a more balanced and nutritious diet which should keep you fuller for longer and eliminate the need for snacking!

With the end of the summer holidays looming, now is the perfect time to get on track and save yourself some money so I am offer a 20% discount on all memberships – this means that your subscription will cost you just £4 a month 💙

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