Home-cooked dinners for just £1.66 a head

I always knew that meal planning was the cheapest way to feed your family but I’ve never sat down and actually worked it out!

With rising energy and food costs, we are all trying to find ways to save money and reduce our outgoings: sticking to that family budget is now essential as we are all feeling the financial pinch.

Last week, I worked out what an online shop would cost for a family of 4 based on my current meal-plan: based on a Sainsburys shop, it came in at just £45.25 – with the £1.25 subscription fee, that means that using Delicious and Real a family can eat a home-cooked dinner every day of the week for just £6.64 (that’s £1.66 per head!) 

When you compare this to the cost of the home delivery boxes – the savings are staggering!

Yes, it takes a little effort – but when you look at the costs and the health benefits, it is more than worth it!  

Signup now for just 99p (usual monthly cost is £5 – you can cancel your subscription at any time).

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