Expert tips on how to make your food budget go further, while still keeping your family happy and well fed

  1. Shop from a list and never go shopping when you are hungry!! Shopping from a list really is a game changer as it means you only buy what you need BUT you need to have your meals planned first so that you know exactly what you need to buy.
  2. Look for yellow stickers in the supermarket – Generally, supermarkets tend to yellow sticker items first thing in. the morning, after lunch, and just before closing time – and the biggest discounts are usually just before stores shut. Yellow stickers not only reduce your food bills but they also make you feel great: I for one feel super proud when I bag a bargain!!
  3. Choose cheaper cuts of meat and those less than perfect veggies : Chicken thighs instead of breast; wonky or loose veg instead of perfect pre-packed ones.  And don’t dismiss frozen and canned options – they are often cheaper and last longer. There are now subscription boxes that make sure those less than perfect food items don’t end up in landfill: my two favourites (both of which I subscribe to) are Earth & Wheat and Oddbox
  4. Don’t be a slave to best before and sell by dates – The best before date is about the quality of the food, while the use-by date is about safety but use your senses before throwing out. I never look at the dates on food – I use the sniff test and it hasn’t failed me yet!
  5. Love your freezer– Freeze leftovers (good for lunches); freeze meat as soon as you bring it home just in case plans change and you don’t get round to cooking it; cook and freeze vegetables that are looking a little limp or use them to make soups or pasta sauces; chop and freeze fruit for banana breads, pancakes, smoothies …
  6. Be mindful of food waste – Can you use those leftovers?  Meat can be chopped up and made into a simple pasta sauce; cooked vegetables can become a soup or an omelette…
  7. Bulk cook: Buying in bulk is often cheaper.  Double up recipes and freeze half for another day.
  8. Halve the meat – Bulk out meat with vegetables, beans or pulses: next time you make a lasagne or bolognaise – add half a tin of lentils; making a chilli? Add another tin of beans: you could go wild and add a different variety!!

As a subscriber to Delicious and Real, you will be able to generate a shopping list based on your meal-plan each week; you will receive helpful hints and tips to help you save more money on your weekly shop and utilise those leftovers; and you will have access to my extensive recipe bank which includes lots of budget busting meals!

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