Do you want the gift of time?

Give your tweens and teens responsibility for one meal a week; this will give you a well-deserved break from cooking whilst teaching them valuable life skills.

Click on the link and enter your email address; you will be sent a booklet with 5 recipes for you to try – they are simple, delicious and taste even better if someone else cooks them for you!    

It’s time to let the kids take charge! 

Getting your older children to take responsibility for an evening meal has a whole host of benefits. 

Some of my subscribers are already doing this and it is working wonders for their families – they just print out the recipe or email it to their children and make sure all of the ingredients are available.  And then its over to the children!

So why should our children be getting more involved with cooking dinner?

  1. It teaches them about healthy eating and gently encourages them to try new things;
  2. It gives you a well -deserved break from the kitchen;
  3. It teaches valuable life skills;
  4. It boosts self-confidence and gives a sense of accomplishment and pride;
  5. Cooking is a mindful activity that is good for mental health;
  6. It teaches responsibility.

Top tips

  1. If your child has never cooked before, you will need to give them some guidance.  For example: Do they know what the key cooking terms mean?  Are they able to use the oven and hob?  
  2. Give them ownership of the recipe and allow them to make changes ie, substitute certain ingredients to suit their taste.  Sometimes the best recipes are the ones which you have adjusted slightly;  
  3. Allow them to choose the night that they will cook – what works best for their busy schedule? 
  4. Make sure all of the ingredients and utensils are available and easy to find (my husband still struggles to find certain things in the kitchen!!)
  5. Try and eat the meal they have cooked as a family -I know this isn’t always possible but for me, the biggest buzz I get from cooking, is the smiling faces at the end of the meal! 

If you try the recipes and they are a success; if your child took ownership of some family meals and gave you a well-deserved night off, why don’t you treat the family to a Delicious and Real subscription

Claire x

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