Claire Gillies –Delicious and Real

I am a 40 something year old mum who loves to cook for my family and friends.  My children, aged 12 and 9, have a real love for food – a love which we have nurtured and developed through the meals that we share as a family.  

In 2016, I started blogging (through social media) and since then I have developed a real passion:  a passion for empowering people to ditch the processed food and cook from scratch.

My motivation and drive was heightened in 2017 when I lost my dad to cancer- watching a loved one battle an illness is immensely difficult.  There is a desire to try and help; a desire to do something for them, but it is hard to know what you can actually do.  So, I turned to cooking: I’d take round healthy meals for my parents because I felt helpless and wanted to show them just how much I cared.  In 2018, my brother also lost his life to cancer – again I took to the kitchen.   During his illness, I cooked and shared lunch with him once a week and am thankful that I spent this precious time with him.   

Through my social-media presence, I want to inspire others to really think about their food choices.   I want to show people that cooking can be easy…the biggest dinner-time dilemma tends to be what to actually cook which is why I am all about weekly meal-planning: creating a menu by choosing dishes that suit the needs of your individual family and then compiling an associated shopping list. By doing this, you will be able to make more balanced choices; you will save money and you will definitely reduce those dreaded dinner-time dramas!    

My recipes are simple and I try and use ‘normal’ ingredients; they are generally quick and easy to prepare; and they are recipes that both children and adults can enjoy.  They are all tried and tasted (by family and friends) in my own kitchen and all of the associated photographs are of our actual meals – no styling, no air-brushing. 

Food is a powerful tool: it has the ability to improve your general health and your mental well-being and can also give you a sense of pride and help show others how much you care.