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Mini quiches

Here is my super simple recipe for mini quiches. You can change what you put in them to suit your personal tastes
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Quick veggi nasi goreng

I love Asian flavours and this veggie dish is bursting with them.
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Pork schnitzel with homemade coleslaw

This is a real family favourite in our house… it has breadcrumbs so what is there not to like!
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Cod tray bake

A simple dinner that is full of flavour. You can use any meaty white fish – pollack and hake work particularly well.
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Broccoli pasta

I am always looking for new ways of getting colour into my dishes and I always have some broccoli and carrots in the fridge: that is how this recipe was born! A light, fresh and colourful pasta dish that will hopefully appeal to little mouths as well a big!
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Vegetarian chilli cheese nachos

My son always orders chilli cheese nachos when we out for lunch, so I thought I’d recreate his favourite dish at home! I have removed the meat from this recipe and replaced it with lots of veg and beans… it’s a real dinner-winner in our house!
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American pancakes

A Sunday morning tradition in our house!
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