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Recipes, Vegetarian

Broccoli salad with dried fruit and cashew nuts

A salad that proves that they don’t have to be a boring after thought! I love this salad: the flavours and textures are amazing and it makes a welcome break from a bowl of leaves!
Recipes, Vegetarian

Chilli tofu noodles

I am always looking for good vegetarian dishes. To pass the test in my house, they need to be bursting with flavour – this one got the thumbs up all round
Recipes, Vegetarian

Gnocchi alla sorrentina

This amazing gnocchi recipe was sent to me by a lovely Italian lady on Instagram – it is authentic, simple and tastes amazing!
Pork & Lamb, Recipes

Lamb with a spiced chickpea stew

A light dish that is bursting with the colours and flavours of one of my favourite countries.
Chicken, Pasta, Recipes

Slow cooker creamy chicken pasta

Creamy, comforting chicken pasta cooked in the slow cooker: the perfect stress-free, mid-week meal.
Pasta, Recipes

Peasants’ pasta

This is my take on the classic Italian dish ‘pasta e fagioli’ (or pasta with beans); it is an Italian dish originally for the poor as it is made with inexpensive ingredients. Bursting with flavour and goodness, this dish can be either served as a soup or as a pasta dish… just add more or less pasta depending on which you prefer!
Recipes, Vegetarian

Roasted vegetable pie with potatoes and cabbage

A comforting and satisfying meat-free meal which is husband and child approved! The children had it with potatoes and cabbage; we omitted the carbs and doubled up on the greens.
Beef, Recipes

Slow cooked beef

A fabulously tasty, low maintenance Sunday lunch – it’s what Sundays were made for!
Recipes, Vegetarian

Jacket potatoes with spinach dhal

Dhal is one of my favorite curry dishes, especially as it is plat-based and bursting with nutrients. We usually have it with rice, but it’s just as good as a jacket potato topper.
Recipes, Vegetarian

Roasted cannellini beans with vegetables

This is a great vegetarian (and vegan) traybake that is perfect for lunch; great eaten hot or cold.
Curry, Recipes, Vegetarian

Aubergine and lentil curry with yogurt, rocket and chapati

Proof that meat-free doesn’t have to be bland and boring! This recipe is bursting with goodness, super tasty and vegan (especially invented for all my meat-free friends!)
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