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Pork Meatballs in a tomato and lentil sauce

This recipe is a real hit with my family; the children love the meatballs because they are softer than those made with beef mince and I love the sauce because it is packed with nutritious ingredients.
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Plain and perfect macaroni cheese

Now I like adding things to macaroni cheese – an extra burst of goodness is always a good thing but my daughter is a purist and prefers it plain and simple!
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Evie’s pizza breads

This is a great dinner that the kids can make themselves. You can add anything you want for the toppings: ham, salami, chicken, spinach, pesto, peppers, sweetcorn, basil, chillies, olives, pineapple… the options are endless! Children love personalising their own pizzas; I just lay out the ingredients and let them get creative – my only rule is that it has to contain at least one vegetable!
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One pot chicken with crusty bread

People are always asking for one pot recipes; recipes that are easy to prepare and can be served up at different times on those after school evenings where everyone eats at different times! I am hoping that this tasty recipe fits the criteria. We like it served with bread, but it works just as well with potatoes or rice.
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Chicken satay with rice and beans

Satay is my favourite Asian sauce – what woud be better than a rich, sweet and salty peanut sauce on grilled chicken? Delicious served with rice and beans (as per this recipe) or for a lighter alternative with a fresh salad (as per the photograph!)
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Prawn and lentil curry with rice

I cook a lot with lentils as they are an excellent source of fibre, protein and a host of vitamin.
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Indian spiced salmon with cumin roasted broccoli

This is my favourite fish recipe, it was inspired by an authentic recipe taught by The Cooking Academy on their Indian course. If you have any of the marinade left over it works just as well on other meats (and it keeps well in the fridge.)
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Slow cooker pomodoro pasta

A great recipe to cook in bulk and freeze! It makes a lovely pasta sauce and tastes especially good topped with lots of parmesan; it can also be used as a sauce for fish and chicken or as a base for another pasta sauce.
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American pancakes

A Sunday morning tradition in our house!
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Chicken tikka Masala with spinach rice

One of the nation’s favourite dishes – a classic curry which was popularised by cooks from South Asia living in Great Britain.
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Easy one-pot roast chicken

An easy roast dinner that is all cooked in one tray (apart from the Yorkshire puddings). I like to serve it with a generous serving of gravy – I’m a massive fan of Jamie Oliver’s Get Ahead Gravy and use the chicken carcass from each roast to make a new batch (which I then freeze).
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Courgetti carbonara

I have a confession to make…I am addicted to spiralising! I started off making my vegetable ribbons with a julienne peeler; but I soon progressed to spiraliser (the Lakeland easy store one is brilliant.)
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