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Flatbread pizzas

During lockdown, I decided to make some cookery videos for the school I teach in. This was the recipe I shared with Year 4 – it’s simple enough for an eight year old!!
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One pan breakfast

A breakfast where everything is cooked in the oven in one pan – tasty and hardly any washing up…what’s not to like!
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Ham and cheese croissants with scrambled eggs and tomatoes

A decadent breakfast treat! I first made these when we were holidaying in the south of France and the whole family loved them!
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Easy peasy gnocchi

I have always thought that gnocchi would be tricky to make, until today! I have just made a batch and it was really simple.
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Mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach on toast

A great way of getting part of your 5-a-day into your breakfast!
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Breakfast Muffins

These tasty treats combine the qualities of a healthy breakfast with the deliciousness of a muffin.
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Feta and tomato gnocchi bake

I tried the viral baked feta recipe that was all over tik tok – it really is rather good; especially when served with gnocchi.
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Perfect scrambled eggs on toast

We love eggs in our house, so I am somewhat of an expert on cooking them! They are definitely one of my signature breakfast dishes!
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Honey glazed halloumi flatbreads

For this recipe, I wanted these flatbreads to be ‘wrappable ‘ so I used plain flour: for a thicker bread, which is more naan-like, use self-raising flour and ½ tsp of baking powder; instead of rolling them out, use the heel of your hand to press them until they are about 2-3mm thick.
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Minted broccoli soup

I love a good soup and this one is not only full of flavor, but is also super healthy. Perfect served with a hunk of warm sourdough and real butter!
Recipes, Vegetarian

Gnocchi alla sorrentina

This amazing gnocchi recipe was sent to me by a lovely Italian lady on Instagram – it is authentic, simple and tastes amazing!
Recipes, Vegetarian

Harissa roasted cauliflower

If you haven’t roasted cauliflower before, you need to give this recipe a go as it completely transforms what is (in my opinion) a rather boring vegetable.
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