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Onion Bhajis

A classic Indian side dish that is easier than you think!

Chicken ramen

This is reminiscent of a similar dish from our favourite Japanese restaurant. A big hit with the whole family
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Salmon parcels

I do love a parcel recipe! Kids (and grown-ups) love the act of unwrapping dinner!
Pasta, Recipes, Vegetarian

One pot vegetable pasta

Everyone is always asking for one pot meals – this pasta dish is exactly that!
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Meatball curry with rice and peas

Something a little different! These are a bit like little beef koftas in a sauce – delicious and a firm favourite with the kids.
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Beany salad with spinach and tomatoes

A salad that’s bursting with flavour and goodness – a favourite lunchtime dish for me!
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Sardine and spinach fishcakes with a side salad

This recipe is the perfect quick, easy and cheap store cupboard dinner as it is made with tinned sardines (which are packed with omega 3 and vitamin D).
Pasta, Recipes, Vegetarian

Roasted red pepper and tomato pasta

Roasted red pepper and tomato pasta
Recipes, Vegetarian

My perfect brunch dish

I love this recipe; perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Served as it is or topped with an egg – delicious and packed full of goodness!
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Slow cooked butternut squash soup

I love butternut squash and I love soup – so this is my perfect winter warmer! I like it served with some seeds, chilli flakes and hunk of buttered bread.
Pork & Lamb, Recipes

Harissa lamb with new potatoes, green beans and spinach

This is one of my favourite lamb dishes and is one of my go to recipes when entertaining.
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Harissa mackerel with roasted vegetables

A simple dinner that is full of flavour. You can use any meaty white fish – pollack and hake work particularly well.
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