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Roasted vegetable lasagne

A recipe that takes a little longer but is definitely worth it! To save time, you can pre-roast the vegetables and make the sauces in advance (you may even have some in the freezer from a previous recipe).
Pasta, Recipes, Vegetarian

Plain and perfect macaroni cheese

Now I like adding things to macaroni cheese – an extra burst of goodness is always a good thing but my daughter is a purist and prefers it plain and simple!
Recipes, Vegetarian

Red lentil cottage pie with peas

A twist on the classic cottage pie; this version uses lentils instead of beef but doesn’t compromise on flavour
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Greek lamb meatball tray bake with crusty bread

Tray bakes are always a winner in my kitchen and this one is one of the best! You can prep the meatballs at the weekend making it the perfect midweek dinner.
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Herby chicken with couscous

This couscous and chicken dish is bursting with flavour, and you can add a bit more by adding some chilli (fresh or dried) to it. We like this dish served with wraps; simple and delicious flavours which remind me of summer.
Pasta, Recipes, Vegetarian

Slow cooker macaroni cheese with peas and spinach

Yes, you can cook macaroni cheese in the slow cooker! It is not the same as cooking it on the hob – it’s a different consistency: it’s thicker but that isn’t a bad thing in this case! And it’s cheaper and simpler to make!
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Indian spiced salmon with cumin roasted broccoli

This is my favourite fish recipe, it was inspired by an authentic recipe taught by The Cooking Academy on their Indian course. If you have any of the marinade left over it works just as well on other meats (and it keeps well in the fridge.)
Recipes, Vegetarian

Courgetti carbonara

I have a confession to make…I am addicted to spiralising! I started off making my vegetable ribbons with a julienne peeler; but I soon progressed to spiraliser (the Lakeland easy store one is brilliant.)
Beef, Pasta, Recipes

Cheesy Meatballs

This is definitely a dish for the whole family; served with pasta or fresh bread and salad–it is a real crowd pleaser!

Chicken ramen

This is reminiscent of a similar dish from our favourite Japanese restaurant. A big hit with the whole family
Recipes, Vegetarian

Gnocchi alla sorrentina

This amazing gnocchi recipe was sent to me by a lovely Italian lady on Instagram – it is authentic, simple and tastes amazing!
Pasta, Recipes

Simple bacon and pea pasta

Sam saw the recipe online and decided he wanted to cook it … he is a little chef in the making!
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