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Delicious and Real make ahead mincemeat

This is the tastiest (and easiest) mincemeat recipe. It can be kept in jars in the fridge, makes lovely gifts and can even be frozen.
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Reema’s dhal served with naan breads and chutney

Dhal has to be one of my favourite Indian dishes; not only does it taste delicious, but it is also a healthy and nutritious vegetarian (and vegan) dish.
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Pasta alla norma

This is one of the most well-known Italian pasta dishes – it is simply pasta with an aubergine and tomato sauce. Adding some of the pasta water to the sauce is a great tip: it adds flavour, glues the sauce and pasta together and thickens the sauce.
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Prawn and lentil curry with rice

I cook a lot with lentils as they are an excellent source of fibre, protein and a host of vitamin.
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Halloumi tikka with turmeric potatoes

One of the nation’s favourite dishes – a classic curry but with a twist. The halloumi is an amazing addition to this delicious vegetarian dinner!
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Courgette and sweetcorn fritters with a poached egg, asparagus and spinach

Delicious for breakfast, brunch, lunch or as a light dinner – a definite family favourite!
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Chicken and aubergine tray bake with crusty bread

If you love aubergine, you’ll love this dish! An easy to prepare dish that is delicious; serve it with crusty bread, to mop up the juices, and salad, or a portion of rice.
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Cauliflower steaks with sumac

I made this for a side when I had a vegan friend coming for dinner, but it could easily be served as a main.
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Roasted red pepper and tomato pasta

Roasted red pepper and tomato pasta
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Chicken kebab flatbreads

This recipe was inspired by a late-night trip (with the kids) to our local kebab shop! We had just got off the train from London and were really hungry!
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Easy cheesy quesadillas

A simple, delicious and nutritious meal! We like these served with salad and sour cream… it’s also great with a side of salsa and guacamole.
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Homemade beans on toast

I love baked beans on toast…classic comfort food (especially if it has grated cheese on top!) But the tinned varieties are full of salt and sugar. By making your own, you can control exactly what goes in making it a healthy and nutritious lunch option.
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