An organised kitchen with Delicious and Real

On Saturday 8th October, I will be on the live demo stage at the Clean and Tidy Home Show.

Join me and learn all about how to rid yourself of kitchen overwhelm and save yourself time and money!

Discover how creating a meal-plan will not only reduce your food (and energy) bills, but will also reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen and the amount of ‘stuff’ on your shelves.

I will be talking you through what your kitchen actually needs (do we really need 4 frying pans?!?!?) and how best to store items and make the most of the space we have. And I will be bringing along some of my favourite kitchen accessories and explaining how they have simplified my life – sometimes it really is the small things that make a massive difference!

There will be lots going on over the weekend – it really is looking like a fantastic event and I really hope that you will join us!

You can find out more over on the Clean and Tidy Home Show Website.

A weekend ticket costs just £15 and a day ticket just £10.

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