6 Side dishes that will make your summer BBQ sing!

I am going to be brave and admit it: I am not a fan of BBQs. If you invite me to a BBQ this summer, you’ll find me hanging around the sides! All of those sausages and burgers really aren’t for me!

So, what do I like to see on the table?

1- Some good quality bread (no stale rolls please!!)

2- A couple of interesting salads – now, I’m not talking a bowl of limp lettuce and a couple of cherry tomatoes. I’m talking salads that could be a meal in their own right like my broccoli, fruit and cashew one or my everything salad – (both recipes are unlocked so can print them out ready for your next BBQ).

3- Corn on the cobs that have been cooked on the BBQ (it really is the only way in my opinion!)

4- A classic, homemade coleslaw

5- A creamy potato salad with some crunchy cornichons thrown in

6- Piedmont peppers – my mother-in-law always serves these (cold) and they are my absolute favourite. Sweet red peppers are filled with garlic, tomatoes and anchovies

In my household my husband loves to stand at the BBQ, beer in hand, and cook the meat – I like to prepare all of the sides in the kitchen! The only part about the whole process that annoys me is that he gets all the praise!!!

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